About TSM's Children's Program

Several years ago I heard the Lord speak to my spirit and say, "I am going to make you a channel of blessing to Central America. Don't get sticky fingers." That night I went to a church service in a neighboring town and the pastor of the church began to prophesy over me and say the same words...this (confirmation) has given me the confidence over the years to ask for help from the Body of Christ and from the business world for these needy people. -Tex Sawyers

Thanks to all of our partners in Nicaragua, the USA and the UK, a new building for the school in Buenos Aires, Nicaragua, Central America was completed in 1998. This school is a K-6 grade school fully recognized and certified by the Nicaraguan government. Currently, there are over 200 children in the school. These children are fed one (1) meal a day and provided an education that consists of reading, writing, arithmetic, a computer lab, sports, and other subjects taught by Christian teachers in a safe Christian atmosphere. Also, there is a daily Bible class and prayer in the school. These children have been given a chance to get an education and to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

TSM also works with 3 other grade schools in the Association of churches in Nicaragua. Our vision is to help these pastors and schools to be successful in training and feeding the children in their communities.

All it takes is $20.00 a month.

  • We will send you a brochure and biography with a color photo of the child that you sponsor, you may choose a boy or girl) that is updated each year.
  • You will receive a coupon book for your convenience, and each month we will send you an envelope to make your monthly support easier.

We ask that you prayerfully consider becoming a partner with TSM. Please contact us and let us know that you would like to support a Nicaraguan child today!